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Heal your baby NATURALLY with our amber teething anklets.

Made from GENUINE Baltic Amber, these anklets are widely believed to heal the aches and pains commonly associated with teething for many centuries. Amber anklets offer you a SAFE and NATURAL alternative to other remedies allowing you to treat your child carefully. 

How does it work?

Amber is fossilised sap that comes from resin producing trees that grow in the Baltic region, mainly Lithuania and Scandinavia. The amber/sap contains small amounts of succinic acid, a well-known anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. When worn, the warmth from your babies skin releases the succinic acid in the amber and it is then quickly absorbed into the blood stream, greatly reducing the common symptoms of teething such as; red cheeks, runny noses, swollen gums and fevers. It is no secret and certainly not magic but it is a great way to help your child through the uncomfortable process of teething. 

Take Care

Every precaution has been taken to make sure these anklets are safe for young children. Each bead has been individually hand knotted on to strong silk, meaning in the unlikely event of it breaking, only one bead will come loose.  These anklets can be worn from birth HOWEVER care must always be taken. The anklets are to be worn around the ankle directly against the skin and should be covered by a babygro and/or sock when child is unattended. The earlier your baby starts wearing it, the better. Worn from a young age, your child won't even notice she/he is wearing it and, when they are older, they are less likely to play with it.  Please remember amber anklets are for wearing only and NOT chewing!

Enjoy your happy baby!

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  1. Mia Upstairs September 14, 2014 at 11:46 am Permalink

    i love amber its amazing and really works!! I think its amazing how it make you just wanna smaile :) I need to get more with my pocket money!! Thank you so much

    Mia Bannon Upstairs

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